Let's naturalize what is natural

The sole idea of one only valid body is hurting so many people, it is terrifying. And it is so because a lot of people are not being taken into consideration. Beliefs are so powerful that even though many of us are aware of the great amount of lies that we have been told, we are still struggling to forget about what we have been taught. Mirlo Blanco was created from the union between our purest love for handmade products and our inspiration, which is the human body and its diversity. We want to mirror every type of body, every type of reality; we want to get away from taboos; we want to accept ourselves and others; we want to acknowledge the beauty of being different and use that beauty to create our pieces. To us, it is very important to create pieces one by one, paying attention to every single detail, enjoying the process and appreciating the differences that handcrafting comes with.

The process

Once we have created the original shape as planned, we reproduce it using moulds. After that, we add the details and shape piece by piece, so that each one is unique. Then, pieces are baked and painted. After that, we glaze them with different products, suitable to each piece, and back again to the oven. This is our favorite step, the most magical one during the whole process. Ceramics teaches us patience - it can take us more than 24 hours to make one only piece!

Our pieces

Our pieces are intended for decoration, although they can also be used for domestic purposes. We want to join both the usefulness and the beauty of a cup or pot. However, their delicacy has to be taken into account, and, as such, special care is needed. Cups need the most care, as they are ones that will be washed after being used - nipples should not be rubbed, some rising with water is enough! Besides, cups can be microwaved. Clay is an excellent isolating material, as it keeps beverages' temperatures maintained for longer.

Who we are

We are Ana and Zeus. We both have a degree in Fine Arts; we are tattoo and ceramics artists and designers. We love arts and crafts, working with our hands and researching new ways of creating new products.

One year ago, we took the decision of developing our own brand of ceramics, to show the pieces we created until then.

We are still a long way and have much to learn but we are dying to find out where our beloved Mirlo Blanco will take us.