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We have made a compilation with the questions that you most often ask us.

Yes. If the piece arrives in bad condition we will take care of sending another one at no cost.

No, the images we use are indicative. Each piece we make is unique. This means that the piece you will receive may look slightly different from the piece shown here.

Yes, all the models of planters have a hole in the bottom so that the water from the irrigation drains properly.

Our glasses and mugs are coated with a lead-free enamel, therefore they are for everyday use. But you have to be a little careful because they are delicate pieces.

Yes, although the most delicate areas, such as the nipples, cannot be rubbed roughly. They also cannot be put in the dishwasher.

The cups are approximately 10cm tall by 8cm in diameter. They weigh 220g.

The glasses are approximately 12 cm high by 8 cm in diameter. They weigh 210g.

The pots are 9 cm high by 9 cm in diameter. They weigh 210g.

The vases are 16cm high by 14cm wide. They weigh 550g.

No, all our pieces are handmade one by one and therefore it is almost impossible for them to all measure and weigh the same, even in the case of two pieces of the same model.

If your question is not resolved on this page, contact us and you will have an answer as soon as possible.